Providing specialty advisory services to the leveraged loan and mezzanine communities, as well as their stakeholders.

Salish Capital Advisors is a specialty advisory firm focused on providing niche services to originators, underwriters and investors of private debt as well as the companies who utilize these capital instruments.  The Company provides a wide range of services to anyone that offers, invests in or issues senior secured debt, mezzanine capital and/or private equity, either on a controlling or non-controlling basis.  Sample work includes:
  • Consultation services for CLO/CDO managers and other structured product and leveraged loan managers including independent credit research, portfolio management outsourcing services as well as platform acquisition and exit strategies.
  • Investment, due diligence and restructuring support for asset managers, mezzanine providers and private equity firms.
  • Operational, financing, working capital and debt markets placement assistance for middle market companies.